Montessori Programs

True to Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy, children attending Spondeo Preschool do not work for grades or external rewards.  Children learn because they are naturally curious and because all children share a desire to become competent and independent human beings.

In our carefully designed programs and prepared environments, children progress at their own pace, moving on to the next step in each area of learning as they are ready.

Spondeo Preschool is proud to serve children 6 weeks old through Kindergarten:

Infant (Age: 6 weeks to 15 months)

Infant Program
Serves children 6 weeks to approximately 15 months who are steady walkers.  Once a child is walking steadily they will move to the Toddler program.

Toddler (Age: 15 months to 3 years)

Toddler Program
Designed for children who are steady walkers (approximately 15 months) to 3 years old.  Toilet independence is not required in the Toddler program.

Primary (Age: 3 years to 6 years)

Primary Program
Focuses on children 3 years old to Kindergarten.  Toilet independence is required for the Primary program.

Reasons to Choose Spondeo

Montessori Certified

Teacher, Child and Enviroment

In a Montessori program, the teacher, child, and environment create a learning triangle. The child, through individual choice, makes use of what the environment offers to him or her in order to grow and develop, interacting with the teacher when guidance is needed.

Class Size

Teacher to Child Ratio

Spondeo Preschool has the lowest student to teacher ratio in the Gilbert and Chandler area. With our superior ratios and the Montessori method we have created an environment where precious children can flourish.

Support Development

Productive and Creative Children

Spondeo Preschool endeavors to create the best environment to support the development of the whole child into productive and creative members of the classroom, their family and both the local and global communities.

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