Toddler Program

Approx 18 months – Three years*

*Child must be a steady walker.  Toilet training not required.

The Toddler Program is designed for children under the age of three years old are in what Dr. Maria Montessori referred to as a “sensitive” time period for movement, language and order.  During this period, children are focused on using their senses and bodies to learn about the world around them instead of academic progress.  To satisfy the natural curiosity of toddlers, our teachers here at Spondeo Montessori encourage the child to touch, handle and explore everything in their surroundings.

The Toddler prepared environment and program is designed to meet the developmental needs of the young child while fostering the independence of children who want to do things for themselves. From furnishings selected with a toddler’s height in mind, toilets sized for a small child and materials placed within reach and at the eye level of a young child, the Toddler prepared environment removes the obstacles that may frustrate the child and impede them from being independent.  Because a Toddler’s attention span is short, the prepared environment offers a wide variety of materials for the child to choose from.

The Toddler Program teachers do not continually entertain the child nor do they consistently initiate activities. Instead, the teachers are aware observers of the child and his or her needs and prepare and maintain an appropriate environment and atmosphere. The teachers respect the child and serve as guides to purposeful activity. The teachers are available when needed by the child, but when the child can do it for himself, the teachers step back.

For both full day and half-day students, a healthy morning snack is included and a choice of either bringing a lunch from home or purchasing a freshly prepared lunch.  Full-day students will be given the opportunity to nap after lunch from 12:00 to 2:30 on their own cot. A healthy afternoon snack will be served to our full-day students as well.