Infant Program

Six weeks to approximately 18 months (until steady walking)

Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy is founded in a deep respect for infants and their capacity for communication and independence.  Our Infant program is specifically designed for children six weeks through one year who are walking steady (approximately 18 months). The Infant prepared environment, or ‘Nido’ (the Italian word for nest), supports freedom and the natural development of movement, the development of sense of order and the development of language all within the context of a deep and loving connection. Our curriculum primarily consists of providing care giving rituals and guiding infants towards independence.  In our environment, infants learn to drink from a glass, eat at a table with their peers, will wean themselves and will learn how to move on their own time and in their own way.

Spondeo Preschool’s campus houses one Infant room.  At full capacity, the Infant room accommodates nine children with one Lead Certified Teacher and two Assistant Teachers. Our student ratio of 3:1 is significantly lower than Arizona’s state mandated ratio of 5:1 in order to give the child the adequate attention he or she deserves and that parents would want their child to receive.

Parents are required to provide either breast milk of formula for their child.  To ease the transition from home to Spondeo Preschool, we strongly encourage exposing your child to the use of a bottle before you enroll them in our Infant program.  Exclusive use of a bottle, however, is not necessary.